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Celebrating the 2015 21.yılı . You know there is a time Weighing industry consultant over 30 years , after the company operates as a partner in 1995, with my wife Seyhan Istanbul All Electronic Engineering Industry . ve Tic. Ltd.. We have the confidence and support we receive from you establish the company . Today, growing as a family together with all the excitement and TEM friends on the first day , to technological innovation , and strive to meet the highest levels of customer requests..

2015 in terms of our company " Innovation of the Year " as we see it. Starting this year, the innovations in every field , to change, We aim to be a company that is more adapt to market conditions. we will turn back from youat this stage , desires , expectations are very important. Together, it becomes a global company with a new start in 2020 with the goal we set off .

Through our R & D team of more than 10 engineers to develop its own technology , 90% of the product portfolio is designed and manufactured using local materials as much as possible with their own resources. Produced and imported electronic scales, weighing scales, and special equipment to again provide their dealers all over Turkey through the Middle East and Europe , exporting to over 30 countries from Africa to Russia.

products which have been registered by the Turkish Patent Institute All Electronic Engineering Industry . Tic. Ltd. STI , " TEM " is engaged in manufacturing and selling the brand . " TEM " well-known brand in the electronicinstruments industry and is a preferred brand . For more than 30 years , our company specialized in weighing instruments sector , is preferred by many users. Our main goal for the brand , as well as in Turkey and abroad, is to become a prominent global brand with quality.

TEM's design, quality approach , covering the whole production and service ; TS 2000 EN 45501 Quality Standard Certificate in 2004, ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Assurance Certificate , in November 2005 the EU Type Approval Certificate to receive product has been certified by the international platform. With CE since 2006 and has started to produce the M- Green products . TEM, in 2012 the ISO 14001 Environmental Management has added to the quality of the documents establishing the system. National and international quality and product standards to its efforts to continue adding to the Occupational Health and Safety activities

One of the quality policy " on customer satisfaction in all our activities " acting with the understanding TEM believes in the importance of customer expectations , market share continues to grow domestically owned sense of responsibility required by the rule.

TEM ; in different capacities from 220g up to 50 tons , depending on customer requirements offers a variety of products in varying sizes and special features. Standard weigh , calculate prices , counter, private sector solutions to the plug and press label products can be developed by its own R & D department , according to customer requirements. Thus, by following the technological developments , different printer models and need to be able to communicate with the computing device is able to integrate the many different coupling options for the product.

We offer you our price list ; barcode scale models, precision weighing scales, scale models of new types of platform options in different sizes and capacities , printer models , are also included in many new products, such as load cell models.

TEM, sister company is engaged in joint efforts with and TEMPA and TEMATİK( Automatic Identification and Data Collection) handheld terminal in the area of ​​technology , barcode reader - printers, automatic labeling machines, RF-ID applications, production tracking and wireless communications equipment and application software, warehouse automation, inventory management , card - stile access control systems such issues it is working . TEMPA ; The automatic liquid filling systems, conveyor weighed applications, mobile weighing systems, manufacturing industry solutions in areas such as agriculture and animal husbandry. TEM THEME and with the synergy created by working with partners to meet you at the field TEMPA offers complete solutions for automation needs .

Tüm Elektronik Mühendislik San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti., TEM brand assurance , and more than 500 authorized dealers, with more than 200 authorized technical service and more than 40 overseas representative , providing sales and after sales services. Dealer , technical service, all kinds of end users and representatives from international problems and evaluating proposals and aims to provide the best service .TEM, systematic and planned work , constant innovation approach, total quality management , management, full participation, regular and continuous training of personnel, collaboration with suppliers , will continue to maintain its leadership in the industry through customer satisfaction .